What happens if I dial 911 from a cell phone?

In Massachusetts, if you dial 911 from a cellphone, the call first goes to one of three Massachusetts State Police PSAP's. The majority of those calls go to the MSP's Framingham PSAP which handles between 3,000 to 5,000 a day. There, the call-taker receives the ANI and ALI information described above, and with newer wireless phones, an APPROXIMATE location of the caller. The State Police call-taker will ask you for information such as your location, the nature of the emergency, and callback information. The call will then be transferred to the necessary PSAP (Sherborn PD for example). This means you will most likely be asked the same information twice. It's important for the State Police PSAP to know the details of the call in case the caller were to get disconnected during the call.

You should be prepared when you dial 911, especially when calling from a cell phone. The quicker you can provide accurate and necessary information to the State Police PSAP, the faster they can transfer you to the local PSAP. Click HERE for more information provided by the state.

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