How do I subdivide my land?

There are generally two methods by which land can be divided. One method is known as an Approval Not Required (ANR) plan. This applies to plans that simply adjust lot lines between abutting properties for sale or exchange, or creating new building lots on an existing street if the lots have sufficient area and frontage and have adequate access. This is a simple process that does not require a public hearing and must be completed within 21 days of submittal. The other method is the process required under the subdivision control law. It is a formal procedure requiring public hearings and abutter notifications. This process is required if the project includes the construction of new streets as well as new building lots. It requires a careful analysis of construction standards, traffic patterns, drainage, etc. Any action that requires changing lot lines, under either process, requires a plan that must be prepared by a professional surveyor and/or engineer and signed by the Planning Board. Of course, the subdivision process requires much more detailed information on many plan sheets while the ANR process generally requires only a single sheet.

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1. How do I subdivide my land?
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