Assessor's Office

Employees of Patriot Properties will be going door-to-door within the next 3-4 weeks to measure and inspect any property that has not been visited within the last ten years or has a recently closed building permit. These inspections are part of the Massachusetts General Law cyclical inspection program required by the Department of Revenue.

The employees will be wearing badges and their names & vehicles have been supplied to the Sherborn Police Department:

  1. Peter Krajeski  2014 Black Jeep Cherokee (License Plate : 8YMS40)
  2. Bruce (Scott) Cooper 2010 Blue VW Beetle  (License Plate: 112HCT)
  3. Jim Harris 2020 VW GTI (License Plate: 1T2G76)

If you have any questions, you may email us at or call us at 508-651-7857 Monday-Thursday between 8:00am and 12:00pm.

Visit for property cards.

FY 2022 Tax Rate is $19.03.

Mission Statement:

The Board of Assessors is the local agency responsible for the assessment and the administration of all local taxes provided for by the General Laws of the Commonwealth. The Board consists of three elected members. Providing support for the Board are the Director of Assessing and the Administrative Assistant. The mission of the Board of Assessors is to ‘‘truly and impartially, according to (its) best skill and judgment, assess and apportion all such (property) taxes (and) neither overvalue nor undervalue any property subject to taxation’’ - Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41, Section 29.

There are three principal local taxes administered by the Board: real and personal property taxes, and motor vehicle excise taxes. The assessors are responsible for determining the real and personal property assessments and calculating the appropriate amount of each type of tax. That information is then forwarded to the tax collector, who then assumes responsibility for issuing bills and collecting the tax. The Board is also responsible for processing requests for adjustments to the original taxes, and issuing any appropriate abatement.

The Board is supervised in its administration of local taxation by the Department of Revenue's Division of Local Services, as provided by Chapter 58 of the General Laws. Among other duties, the Division of Local Services reviews the Board's assessment procedures every five years in order to certify that property is being assessed at its full cash value, reviews its revenue and spending projections to ensure compliance with Proposition 2-1/2 prior to approving a tax rate each year, and issues legal opinions and sets procedural guidelines that must be followed. Every five years the Department of Revenue audits the Board of Assessors’ records and procedures for certification.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Wendy J. Elassy Director
Amy Hatch Davidson Assistant

Board of Assessors

Name Title
James B. Williams Clerk
Dhruv Kaushal Chair
William Seymour Member