Problems to Avoid

Problems that Delay Your Bill and/or Your Payment & Cost Time & Money

Because tax envelopes say "Return Service", the Post Office will not deliver unless the address is exact.

Please notify the Tax Office if:   

  • You change to a Post Office Box FROM a street address
  • You change from a Post Office Box TO a street address
  • You move to another address whether it is in the Town of Sherborn or not
  • You will be away at a temporary address for a month or more

Please read your bill and your check carefully before mailing them: Is the bill yours?

  • Do the amounts on the check, on both lines, match the amount on the bill?
  • Is the date correct ... no post-dating?
  • Is the check signed?

If you use a computerized bill paying method please:

  • Allow enough time for processing and mailing
  • Include a bill number so payment is applied to the correct account