Event Date: 
Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 7:15pm

Meeting posted 05-15-2018@9:25am


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Agenda for May 17, 2018 Commission Meeting

Town Hall, Room 204B

7:15 PM

Times are estimates only. Items (other than public hearings) may be taken out of order.

7:15 PM Meeting Called to Order  

7:15 PM Review Agenda

            • Add topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair 48 hours in advance

Approval of Minutes

7:15     Request for Determination of Applicability – 29 McGregor Lane

            Proposed construction of a septic system

7:30     Interviews with Prospective Commission Members (also       discussed at the June 7th meeting)

8:15     Certificates of Compliance – 59 N. Main Street

Release of the Order of Conditions Lot 1 (DEP File No.283-0363)

 and Lot 3 (DEP File No.283-0364)

8:30     Reissuance of Certificates of Compliance – 8 Barakat

Reissuance of COC that was originally issued in 1993 but never recorded by Applicant.

8:30     Executive Session-The Fields at Sherborn

            The Commission will discuss, in Executive Session, The Fields at  Sherborn


  • Commission Goals for 2018
  • Membership
  • Spring workplan for all Conservation Land
  • Commission process issues
  • Open Space Plan
  • Barber Reservation Updates
  • Barber Reservation Supplies
  • Villages at Sherborn/Coolidge Crossing Proposed Developments including participation in working group
  • Mosquito Control
  • Initiating a natural resources study at the fields site

Agents Report

  • Site Issues/Questions
  • Ratification of Emergency Certification – 216 Farm Rd tree removal
  • Violations
    • Sweet Meadow Farm
    • 60 Washington Street
    • Farm Pond
    • 24 Dexter Drive Bay Circuit Trail Alterations
  • Budget
  • Education info
  • Trail Maintenance – Notice of Complete Work Form

Administrative Approvals

  • 198 South Main Street – remove existing house - no work within jurisdictional areas
  • 60 Greenwood Street – well deepening – no work within jurisdictional areas