Open meeting on snowmobile use on

Sherborn Town Forest and Conservation lands

Sherborn Town Hall

Thursday, April 5, 7:15 PM


Sponsored by Town Forest Committee and Conservation Commission

Current town policies on snowmobile use have not been changed since 1981. These regulations allow snowmobile use when there is at least 6 inches of snow, and only on trails that have been designated for the purpose; no trails have ever been designated.

Times and snowmobiles have changed. Concerns, including safety, noise, and ecological impacts have been raised. Trespassing has been a major issue; please remember that, as always, operating snowmobiles on trails or fields on private property requires permission from the property owner.

The Sherborn Conservation Commission and Town Forest Committee are revisiting snowmobile use on their land and trails. The goal is to be responsible stewards of Sherborn’s conservation and forest lands while balancing, to the extent possible, a variety of recreational uses.

This meeting will be an open discussion with all interested parties. We understand that there are competing uses of our trails, but this meeting will focus only on snowmobile use. We want to understand more about the needs of snowmobile users and, if such use is allowed to continue, where it might be directed and how it might effectively be controlled.

Comments can also be sent to the Commission via All input welcomed.