Conservation Commission

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Every year in New England we anxiously await the spring and summer months, looking forward to spending more time outdoors. Our yards become an extension of our home, where we cook, play, and relax. We do this all against a backdrop of increasing concerns about the greater environment. Every yard is a small piece of the larger landscape in our communities, our watersheds, and our state. By creating a more natural yard, whether by planting a single blueberry bush, or by redesigning your whole yard, you can do your part to help protect the special natural features of Massachusetts. Consider working a little ecological landscaping into your piece of our Commonwealth. 

Ellen Roy Herzfelder, Former MA Secretary of Environmental Affairs


Commission Members

Name Title
Allary Braitsch Conservation Administrator/Agent
Elizabeth Laracy Administrative Assistant
Courtney Ek Member
Jean Bednor Member
Jessica Jackson Member
Cindy Ostrowski Member
Michael Lesser Member
Carol McGarry Member