For current Massachusetts Department of Public Health COVID-19 requirements and guidance, see  Other information about precautionary measures can be found under the topics list to the left.
Once you are vaccinated, you can still become infected and be infectious (although with greatly reduced health effects to you) and thus spread the virus to others.  Precautionary behaviors such as masking, especially when indoors, continue to be worthwhile measures.

A portion of every BoH meeting since early 2020 has been devoted to COVID-19 discussions.  Public participation has always been welcomed at those meetings. Issues of shared interest to Sherborn and Dover are periodically discussed at Dover BoH meetings.  Because a quorum of the Sherborn BoH does not attend those meetings, those meetings are posted on the website.  Topics raised at the joint meetings are regularly shared in Sherborn at the COVID-update portions of: Select Board meetings, Interdepartmental COVID-19 Workgroup meetings, and BoH meetings (where related discussions and decisions by the SBoH are made in open meetings of the full Board with the public).


Staff Contacts

Name Title
Zach Ward Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director
Ellen Hartnett Board of Health Administrator
Sue Kelliher