Fire Department

Mission Statement

"To provide the community with emergency fire, medical and rescue services by encouraging professional volunteerism in emergency medical service, fire suppression, prevention, and investigation; to maintain the highest possible level of training for the safety of personnel and to furnish the best possible equipment to work with for the level of funding provided by the community."

The members of the Sherborn Fire Department are committed to providing the best possible service to all those in need of our skills, knowledge and dedication. We strive to perform our duties with the utmost professionalism, courage, and understanding as is expected from all public safety organizations. We thank you for your support and continued commitment to the betterment of the citizens we serve.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Erron Kinney Chief
Frances Rodgers Department Administrator
Jonathan Dowse Deputy Chief Operations - FF/EMT
Neil McPherson Deputy Chief Administration - FF/EMT
Shawn Flanagan Sr. Fire Captain - FF/EMT
Joshua Buckler Captain (Squad 1) - FF/EMT-P
Rick Aston Captain (Squad 2) - FF/EMT
Klaus Ullmann Lieutenant - FF/EMT
Chris Winner Lieutenant - FF/EMT
Dan Tyler Lieutenant - FF/EMT
Joe Cumming Lieutenant - FF/EMT
Luke Barney EMS Coordinator - EMT-P
John Bonalewicz Asst. EMS Coordinator - FF/EMT
Andrew Campbell Asst. EMS Coordinator - FF/EMT
Jeff Hancock Training Coordinator - FF/EMT
Jack Tyler OSHA/Inf. Control Coordinator - FF/EMT