Open Air Burning

Both air quality and fire safety conditions determine whether conditions are suitable for open burning. Burning is permitted only when both air quality AND burning safety conditions are acceptable.

The outdoor burning season begins on January 15th and ends on and including May 1, 2020. This year we will be continuing with the online system for the purchasing of burning permits. Please use the link below to purchase your burning permit. The rules, regulations and hours are all the same as last year. Once you have purchased your permit you MUST activate it through the same site for eachday you plan to burn. Your purchased permit allows for burning at the specific location as often as needed, WITHOUT PURCHASING another permit. If you choose to burn at a different location, a new permit must be purchased and activated. Both the Fire Department and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) reserves the right to suspend or restrict outdoor burning on any given day based on the environmental conditions. Please visit the outdoor burning permit site via the link below in order to obtain further information.

For those residents who cannot purchase their permit on line, we will also offer the option to pay the permit fee at the Collector's office during normal business hours, 8:00am - Noon, Monday thru Thursday. You will still need to use the computer to activate the permit.

The Police department will no longer be issuing burning permits, so it will be important that residents use one of the two methods detailed above to obtain their permits.

Please contact the Sherborn Fire Department during normal business hours at (508) 653-3270 with any questions.

To Purchase or Activate Permit