Fire Department Personnel

The Sherborn Fire Department consists of 55 dedicated "on-call" and per-diem Firefighters, 45 of which are EMT's. This is supplemented with a full-time Chief and Administrative Assistant.

EMS in Sherborn is staffed 24/7 with personnel in the station or assigned on-call shifts.

The Department also maintains 2 Squads, or groups. These groups rotate on-call coverage for routine Fire & EMS incidents, and rotate on a weekly basis.

Administration & Leadership

Zachary J. Ward

Chief of Department (C-1)

Forest Fire Warden, Emergency Mgt.

Jonathan Dowse

Deputy Chief (C-2)


Neil McPherson

Deputy Chief (C-3)





Squad 1



Josh Buckler

Captain (C-4)

Squad 1 Operations & Training

Klaus Ullmann

Lieutenant (L-1)

Information Systems

Kristin Buckler

Acting Lieutenant (L-3)

Project Lifesaver Coordinator
Squad 2  
Rick AstonCaptain (C-5)Squad 2 Operations & Inspections
Joe CummingLieutenant (L-2) 
Chris NuddLieutenant (L-4)

Asst. Infection Control Officer



John BonalewiczEMS Coordinator (Unit 1)EMS Operations
Luke BarneyAsst. EMS Coordinator (Unit 2)Squad 1 & Quality Control
Ari WinogradAsst. EMS Coordinator (Unit 3)Squad 2 & EMS Training
Department Staff  
Chris WinnerLieutenant - Day Shift (L-5)SAFE Officer
Jack TylerInfection Control & OSHA (Unit 4) 
Frances RodgersDepartment Administrator (Unit 6)