Training Division


Under direction of the chief officers and the Sherborn Fire Training committee, personnel within the department are required to hold state certified qualifications in fire fighting and/or emergency medical services. Training and certification of active personnel play a critical element to the departments ability. It's through proper training, education and techniques that we strive to reduce injuries to our staff as well as provide a high quality of service to our citizens.

Monthly Drills

In order or to further our education, the training committee holds departmental training drills at least three times a month. These drills provide up-to-date information on techniques, equipment and procedures used during emergency operations. Many of these drills involve both firematic as well as emergency medical skills and provide our staff with continued operational experiences. At times, mutual aid agencies participate in these drills allowing for the sharing of information as well as the formulation of response patterns for more efficient protection. 

Fighter I/II Recruit Training

In association with the Massachusetts Fire Academy, the Sherborn Fire Department is frequently able to train and certify its members to the Firefighter l/ll level.

firetrucks in front of a burning building