The Climate Action and Resilience Plan is now finished and ready to be implemented

It is with great enthusiasm that we release the Sustainable Sherborn Climate Action and Resilience Plan. This plan is the result of tireless effort on the part of our Climate Resilience Working Group, Town staff, and all of YOU. It represents a shared commitment to work together to create a more sustainable and resilient future for Sherborn and our surrounding region. 

Climate change presents an unprecedented threat to all of us and we all have a role to play in reducing our contributions, in the form of greenhouse gas emissions, and in preparing our community for the anticipated impacts of climate change, some of which we are already beginning to experience.

This plan describes our existing assets and efforts to date from which we can continue to build momentum around climate action. It outlines a set of goals and specific actions that we can begin implementing now to meet the urgent need for decarbonizing our buildings and vehicles, conserving and restoring our valuable natural resources, protecting our most vulnerable from climate impacts, and creating a culture of sustainable resource consumption throughout our community. Accompanying this plan is a Residential Climate Action Toolkit with specific guidance on actions YOU can each take in your daily lives to support these efforts. We are beyond grateful to the hard-working Town staff and volunteers and to the extremely engaged community as a whole, who have all shaped this plan. And we are ready to continue to work together with everyone to implement, assess, update, and continuously improve in Sherborn’s climate action journey. Please join us!

Sustainable Sherborn Climate Action and Resilience Plan

Jeremy Marsette (Town Administrator)

Dorothea Von Herder (Town Sustainability Coordinator)


Dorothea Von Herder

Sustainability Coordinator, Town of Sherborn