Recycling Committee

Event Date: 
Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 6:30pm


Sherborn Recycling Committee
Meeting 328 AGENDA (draft)
Thursday October 12, 2017, 6:30pm, Town Hall, Rm 105
1. Call to order/establishment of quorum/approval of agenda
2. Approval of minutes of September 14, 2017– review of June through August statistics
3. Accomplishments and acknowledgments Thank you’s to:
‐ Andrea for keeping up with the styrofoam, dealing with Swap Shop staffing and keeping up with the welcome bin
‐ Amy for her work on the Food waste program, getting the flyers printed, and stuffing envelopes.
‐ Diane for tracking down tonnage reports from vendors and preparing the monthly spread sheets
‐ Ron and company for ongoing work with Pine Hill’s composting program
‐ Karl for drafting the minutes for September’s meeting
‐ Anne for her tireless work on updating the recycling flyer for review, and stuffing envelopes
‐ Anne and Shelly for planning, and Diane, Amy, and Karl for volunteering at 9/16 HHW day and paper shredding
‐ CM&D staff (Foreman John McAvoy and company) for their help with the HHW day on 9/16
‐ Swap Shop Volunteers John Jewell, Judy Cook, John Greene, Chip, Susan Gulesian
‐ Wendy and Charlie for all of their efforts on behalf of the Committee
‐ Others?
Status of ongoing items: (10 min.)
4. Sticker enforcement/availability ‐ Report on any progress in this regard
5. Recycling Flyers: folded and stuffed into Sherborn tax bills; ready to be mailed to all households. Any proposed
6. Update on Mattress Collection – The DEP has sent a letter offering to extend the Mattress Recycling Initiative (currently
set to expire on 1/31/2018) for another year (which would allow residents to drop mattresses without a separate fee
through January 2019); we need to respond by October 31 to take advantage. The committee should discuss and take a
formal vote on this offer before acceptance.
7. Styrofoam Collection & Hauling / Porcelain hauling – any progress on plan for a box container for porcelain?
8. HHW
a. Update on the event. What went well, what needs improvement – list lessons learned and things to change or
avoid for next year.
b. Update information about Visitor Authorization forms
9. Food Waste – Current progress on growing program and disposition of current tech assistance Contract. A. VanLangen;
disposition of other ideas ‐ signage; Farm Pond signage; flyer handout at Transfer Station, other outreach; potential
structure to house compost at TS as program grows.
10. Update about Transfer Station signs; most new signs installed at Transfer Station: Andrea and Charlie
a. Any additional signs needed?
Information items: (20 ‐ 30 min.)
11. Further updates about Town's new website platform and Recycling Committee portion ‐ Charlie
12. Transfer station items – R. Buckler (or designee from Ruane and Father)
a. Compactor Plunger repair/track wear – preparation for future replacement ‐ bid, etc.
b. Status of TS fencing conditions, other infrastructure at Transfer Station – committee observations.
c. One new compactor container – plans for replacing pother aging container.
Discussion Items: (10‐20 min.)
13. Plan to participate and observe 10/14 Wellesley Rotary “Repair Café” – Charlie Tyler
14. Items for further discussion or removal from agenda –
a. Town ordinance requiring recycling/composting at town property events – update on previous initiatives.
DEP grant application ‐ looking ahead to next cycle, Sherborn will receive credit if it conducts the following activities:
b. Annual outreach to businesses in town ‐ need to circulate recycling flyer to them, etc.
c. Setting a goal for town recycling rate; Committee needs to discuss; any ideas for setting this started? Will need
to present product to Selectmen for buy‐in, advertise, and include statement in Annual Report‐ e.g., is a
“thermometer” sign practical?
d. General outreach to town (maybe could be part of the food waste composting initiative).
e. 4 articles/year on recycling issues/events – how many have we issued so far? What outlets should we target?
f. Web site including social media (Facebook/NextDoor/Twitter, etc.) – new Virtual Town Hall software platform
is not outreach‐friendly – what about the current SRC Facebook site – Twitter?
15. Sharps disposal – should we think of offering a sharps collection ‐ if so, where would we dispose of them, what would
be the cost, and how would we defray it? What are the rules (need a statutory reference). Any progress on resources? ‐
Anne M, et al.
16. Confirm date of December meeting – discussion of items that need to be addressed before end of CY, and whether they
can be handled on Nov. 9 until January 11 . . .
17. Other ideas/proposals/research for consideration/discussion; projects to work on before Oct. meeting?
Adjourn ‐ 8:00pm or earlier.
MEETING CALENDAR FOR COMING MONTHS: 2nd Thursday of month at 6:30 PM at Town Hall, 2017: Nov.9, Dec.14(?) Calendar
for 2018 – is second Thursday at 6:30 still the best meeting time? Other suggestions?