Sherborn Recycling Committee

Event Date: 
Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 6:30pm

AGENDA POSTED 01-05-2018 @10:42AM

Sherborn Recycling Committee

Meeting 330 AGENDA (Draft)


Thursday Jan. 11, 2018, 6:30pm, Town Hall, Rm 105


1. Call to order/establishment of quorum/approval of agenda

2. Approval of minutes of November 30, 2017– review of autumn statistics

3. Accomplishments and acknowledgments Thank yous to:

- Andrea for keeping up with the styrofoam, and keeping up with the welcome bin program

- Amy for her work on the Food waste program

- Diane for tracking down tonnage reports from vendors and preparing the monthly spread sheets

- Ron and company for ongoing work with Pine Hill’s composting program

- Karl for drafting the minutes for November’s meeting

- CM&D crews for conscientious clearing of the Transfer Station pavement

- Wendy and Charlie for all of their efforts on behalf of the Committee

- Others?


Status of ongoing items: (10 min.)

4. Sticker enforcement/availability – Should we try again this year for TS handouts of half-stickers?

5. Update on Mattress Collection – Extension of the DEP Mattress Recycling Initiative through January 2019 has been confirmed. UTEC will continue to pick up the mattresses as in the past two years.

7. Styrofoam Collection & Hauling- another load is almost ready to go – previous load hauled just before Thanksgiving, thanks to Andrea / Porcelain hauling – still collecting on platform by Styrofoam Container.

8. HHW Nered to establish a date for 2018 HHW/paper shredding day and get the process going

9. Food Waste – a. We have been averaging 4 drums a week – our calculated “break-even” point.

b. Need to continue growing this program as weather warms- signage; Farm Pond signage; flyer handout at Transfer Station, other outreach; potential structure to house compost at TS as program grows.

c. Purchase of another 3000 kitchen container degradable bags – 3-gallon size - $280.20 – Vote?


Information items: (20 - 30 min.)

10. Town's website Recycling Committee portion – receive occasional corrections – needs attention

11. Transfer station items – R. Buckler (or designee from Ruane and Father)

a. Commingled and Paper recycling contracts expired and are being renewed – will cost more due to China’s National Sword policy – we need to start working on contamination reduction.

b. Town-owned Compactors - preparation for future replacement - bid, etc.

c. One new compactor container for trash– plans for replacing other aging container.

Discussion Items: (10-20 min.)

12. “Repair Café” idea – will discuss in warmer weather – should we try to hold one?

13. FY 2019 Committee Budget – draft submitted first week in January. Defense before Selectmen 1/16 6:40pm, and before Advisory Board1/17 at 7:45pm.

13. ReTRAC report and survey due February 15 – need to get to work on them.  Items to focus on for 2018:

1) Annual outreach to businesses in town. How do we get info to all businesses? In person?

2) Setting a goal for town recycling rate; Committee needs to discuss; any ideas for setting this started? Will need to present product to Selectmen for buy-in, advertise, and include statement in Annual Report- e.g., is a “thermometer” sign practical?

3) General outreach to town (maybe could be part of the food waste composting initiative). Post Office postings

4) 4 articles/year on recycling issues/events – how many have we issued so far? What outlets should we target?

5) Web site and email; unfortunately new Virtual Town Hall software platform is not outreach-friendly – what about Next Door Sherborn?

6) Need to develop trash Hauler Regulations for adoption by Selectmen- guidance available from state. We are way behind on this!

14. Mercury update:

a. Mercury items are now stored at the mercury shed at the Transfer Station, with “satellite” collection at Town Hall Selectmen’s office.

b. There is a button battery collection option for non-profit organizations; these ubiquitous batteries can be collected and a rebate of $100 per pound (up to $1000) – one organization per town can participate. Scanlon Associates will guide an organization - should we solicit a group to do this – and if so, who should it be?  

15. Report on Dec. SE MRC meeting Dec. 13, 2017 – C. Tyler

16. Association memberships – should we sign up for NERC? Enhanced MassRecycles membership? FYI – we have member rate and can expend this budget for attendee registrations -Mass Recycles Meeting in Framingham on March 26, 2018 at Sheraton Framingham. Need to choose who will attend for our budgeted fee.

17. Other ideas/proposals/research for consideration/discussion; projects to work on before Jan. meeting?

Adjourn - 8:00pm or earlier.

MEETING CALENDAR FOR COMING MONTHS: 2nd Thursday of month at 6:30 PM at Town Hall, 2017: Confirm for 2018 – meetings will be 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30: Feb. 8, Mar. 8, Apr. 12, May 10, Jun 14, Jul 12, Aug 9, Sep 14, Oct. 11, Nov 8, Dec. 14