April Committee Meeting Town Hall, Room 105
Event Date: 
Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 6:30pm

Meeting Posted 4-06-2018 @ 8:08AM


Agenda for the 333rd Meeting of the Committee - Thursday, April 12, 2018 6:30pm; Sherborn Town Hall, RM 105

  1. Call to Order, establishment of quorum.
  2. Approval of Agenda for the current meeting and the Minutes of the March meeting.

As agreed at the March meeting; this meeting will include a working session; all members are encouraged to bring their laptops to the meeting.

  1. Thank-yous to:

- Andrea for keeping up with the Styrofoam (another load out!) and keeping up with the welcome bin program

- Amy for her work on the Food waste program and attending the 4/4/ RDP grant webinar

- Diane for tracking down tonnage reports from vendors and preparing the monthly spreadsheets/graphs

- Ron and company for ongoing work with Pine Hill’s composting program

- Charlie and Wendy for their work on, and submission of the Re-TRAC survey for Feb 15th deadline.

- Chelle for scheduling the HHW Day for Sept. 28, 2019!

- Andrea for her work on getting the Swap Shop ready for opening.

- John Jewell for his work on the Swap Shop efforts!

- CM&D crews for continued help with Transfer Station

- Charlie and Wendy for all of their efforts on behalf of the Committee

Anyone we missed?

  1. Committee Membership – Andrea, Karl, and Chelle up for reappointment; Chelle will opt out; Amy to apply for appointment?  Application forms, etc.

Brief Status of ongoing items: (10 min.)

  1. Sticker enforcement/availability – procedure for handing out half-stickers at TS. Start campaign now that spring is here.
  2. Styrofoam Collection & Hauling / Porcelain hauling – Styrofoam (thanks to Andrea) and porcelain hauling – likely to be another porcelain pickup (40 or more units) the near future.
  3. HHW Day –Nov. 17 2018 HHW/paper shredding day
    • . 28, 2019 has been? Can we also reserve paper shredding now? – should we?

Ongoing work projects for Committee members (5 min.)

  1. General outreach to town, Next Door Sherborn, weeklies. Post Office postings
  2. Web site and email; Next Door Sherborn efforts have started – hard to gauge outreach effects as yet? Website work to continue
  3. We need to develop trash hauler regulations for adoption by Selectmen- guidance is available from the state. Carol Rubenstein had a collection of stuff from 2013-2015.  If time, begin drafting a basic set of regulations at this month’s committee meeting.
  4. Commingled and Paper recycling contracts – these have expired and the Town is working to renew them – Charlie to report on conversation with Ben Harvey & co.
  5. Grants – RDP Grants application now open on ReTRAC site; Report on webinar - Amy

Information items: (5 min.)

  1.  Transfer Station Items –
    1. Town-owned Compactors – update or news? – Charlie to report on discussion with vendor
    2. Deposit container crisis – status
  2.  Association memberships and meetings – Should we sign up for NERC or get an enhanced MassRecycles membership?  We will make a decision on whether to do so and in which organizations, or instead re-budget the funds to more urgent endeavors. Suporting Membershio in NERC is $350.  MassRecycle Friend membership is $175. SNE- SWANA Public Sector Individual - $200 – we have $555 budgeted for this purpose.
  3. Report on 3/26/18 MassREcycle R3 conference from Charlie Tyler
  4. Letter to SherbornRecycling regarding branch debris  pickup (Sudbury is doing curbside clearing); should we have an “auto-reply” form SherbornRecycling address to indicate that we are not the go-to for town administrative questions?
  5. Adjourn business meeting.

Potential Work Projects for April meeting

  1. Food Waste
    1.  TS signage; Farm Pond signage; check in about flyers for handout at Transfer Station, potential structure to house compost at TS as program grows.
    2. Discussion of other outreach/development ideas to grow the program.
  2. Correct Issues with Town's New Website Platform – further discussion of improvements
  3. ReTRAC report and survey – completed. Now need to do grant application(s). Also need to compile the list of trash/recyclables that need to be recorded cumulatively by calendar year, along with their cost.
  4.  Discussion of food waste goal, and how to measure/quantify, e.g., by number of households participating or total tonnage reduction of trash? Discuss and formulate plan to present program to Selectmen for buy-in, advertise, etc.
  5. Signage – HHW Day larger signs (especially a larger hanging banner for the Rtes. 16/27 merge) for HHW Day.

Estimate for cost and wording?


CALENDAR 2nd Thursday of month at 6:30 PM at Town Hall EXCEPT WHERE NOTED 2018: May 10, Jun 14, Jul 12, Aug 9, Sep 14, Oct. 11, Nov 8, Dec. 14 (if needed)