Board of Health

Event Date: 
Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 7:00pm

MEETING POSTED 04-19-2018@7:40AM
Thursday, May 3, 2018
Location: Town Hall, Room 204A
UPDATED AGENDA: (Note that all times are approximate, and items other than scheduled Hearings may be taken out of order.)
7:00 PM Review Agenda – Announce any items to be added as not reasonably anticipated by the Chair 48-hours in advance of the meeting / Vote to amend Agenda
7:30 PM VARIANCE HEARING – 39 Nason Hill Road, Alicia Frick Laguarda – Septic Replacement #18-15 (Engineer: CIVILized Solutions)
7:50 PM VARIANCE HEARING – 3 Oldfield Drive, Robin Stahl – Variance Request (#18-16) from Appendix A, VII(4) – Demolition and Reconstruction of Existing Structures
8:10 PM 40 Maple Street, Geoff Kelley – Preliminary Building Application P18-20 – review/discussion
CHAIR’S BUSINESS (Not Appointments):
1. Review and discussion of BOH flow chart for building applications
2. Additional discussion regarding collaborating with the Conservation Commission on planned regulations regarding wastewater (see Minutes of 4/11/18)
AGENT’S BUSINESS (Not Appointments):
1. Global Premier Soccer – Recreational Camp Permit #C2018-1 – pending receipt of fee (Agent Hallal)
2. 60 Greenwood Street, Mark Beaudouin – Well Deepening #18-23 – for approval (Agent Oram)
3. 11 Green Lane (Lot 3A), Trask Inc. – New Septic/New Well #18-09/10 (Agent Oram)
4. 21 Green Lane, Trask Inc. – review of high groundwater in bedrock information from Creative Land & Water Engineering LLC (Agent Oram)
5. 15 Green Lane (Lot 3), Trask Inc. – Revision to a Previously Approved Plan #18-20 (Agent Oram)
6. 59 North Main Street, H.P. Sherborn LLC (40B) – New Septic #17-112 (Agent Oram)
7. 155 Maple Street – review/discussion of correspondence related to flooding (Agent Oram)
OTHER BUSINESS (Not Appointments):
1. 2018 Disposal Works Installer Permit for approval – J.C. Parmenter Inc. of Hopkinton - #I18-16
2. Food establishment inspection report(s) received - review
3. Approval of warrants/payroll
4. Approval of Minutes 5. 5/16/18 Agenda items – status update of agenda for next meeting
OLD BUSINESS (Not Appointments):
No items listed
Updated Agenda to Town Clerk 4/30/18 @ 3:55 PM
Initial Agenda to Town Clerk 4/18/18 @ 2:30 PM