Meeting 334, May 10, 2018, Sherborn Town Hall, Rm 105
Event Date: 
Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 6:30pm

Meeting Posted 05-07-2018@10:33am


Agenda for the 334th Meeting of the Committee, Thursday, May 10, 2018; Sherborn Town Hall, Rm105


  1. Call to order, attendance, and introductions.
  2. Establishment of quorum, approval of agenda for the current meeting and Minutes of the April meeting.
  3. Thank-yous:

- Andrea for keeping up with the Styrofoam and keeping up with the welcome bin program

- Amy for her continuing work on the Food waste program

- Diane for tracking down tonnage reports from vendors and preparing the monthly spreadsheets/graphs

- Ron and company for ongoing work with Pine Hill’s composting program

- Anne for drafting and submitting HHW article to Hometown Weekly paper

- Swap Shop Volunteers John Jewell, Judy Cook, Chip, and others

- CM&D crews for continued helmeting p with Transfer Station

- Charlie and Wendy for other efforts on behalf of the Committee

4.        Committee Membership – Confirm that applications for appointment (Amy), reappointment (Karl and Andrea), or non-appointment (Chelle) have been submitted to Selectmen.

Brief Status of ongoing items:

  1. Sticker enforcement/availability – have final details been worked out, and have we started?
  2. Styrofoam Collection & Hauling / Porcelain hauling – Styrofoam (thanks to Andrea) accumulating apace. Last week, a shipment of 40 toilets and 9 sinks was picked up by Conigliaro. Charlie checked with Conigliaro and was assured that porcelain fixture price is the same whether they pick up or units are dropped off. - $15 stripped, or $20 with non-porcelain fittings attached. If a roll-off container is to be used (as suggested by S. Killeen during the April meeting), one with a hinged door would be suggested to ease loading during customer dropoff to reduce need for rehandling. If unstripped units are accepted, Selectmen need to approve increasing price to $20 per unit (increase would need to be recommended by the committee to the BOS. 
  3. HHW Day –Nov. 17 2018 HHW/paper shredding day.  Charlie has requested copies of permission slips from other consortium communities from the current administrator (in Medfield), but has not received a reply. We have reserved September 29, 2019 with Clean Harbors, need to check about paper shredding – probably not a problem

    Action items:

  1. Plastic bags for Styrofoam will be needed soon:   $57.69/case of 50 x 2 = ~$116
  2. Compostable bags will be needed for food waste composting: 200/18.95, or ~$190 for 2000
  3. Need more 5-gallon buckets with covers for food waste program? Costs to be presented
  4. Approve a MassRecycle Friend membership for $175?

Ongoing work projects for Committee members:

  1. General outreach to town – Discussion of progress and ideas the Committee discussed the state of Next Door Sherborn and publicity in weeklies.
  2. Transfer Station Rules and Regulations – Committee will begin reviewing the last draft for discussion at the June meeting.
  3. Commingled and Paper recycling contracts – expired and on hold as the recycling market instability continues. 
  4. Grants – RDP Grant applications need to be submitted by mid-June.

Information items:

  1. Transfer Station Items
    1. Deposit container status – the backlog of recycled containers has been resolved, at least for now, by Glenn Kantorksi and the Lions Club.
  2.  Association memberships and meetings – committee decision as to whether to subscribe to the Northeast Recycling Coalition (NERC) - Supporting Membership at $350, SNE- SWANA Public Sector Individual at $200 or whether we should make more practical use of our budget and RDP funds.
  3. Letters to SherbornRecycling regarding town business is the problem is large enough to warrant an auto-reply?
  4. Food Waste – Amy’s draft designs have been distributed to the group. Please offer any suggestions for enhancement or improvement   now that spring is finally here.
  5. Signage – Any information regarding larger signs/banner for HHW day?


CALENDAR 2nd Thursday of month at 6:30 PM at Town Hall EXCEPT WHERE NOTED 2018: Jun 14, Jul 12, Aug 9, Sep 14, Oct. 11, Nov 8, Dec. 14