335th comittee meeting, Thursday 6/14/2018, Town Hall Room 105
Event Date: 
Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 6:30pm

Meeting Posted 06-11-2018@9:55AM


Agenda for the 335th Meeting of the Committee, Thursday, June 14, 2018; Sherborn Town Hall, Rm105


  1. Call to order, attendance, and introductions.
  2. Establishment of quorum, approval of agenda for the current meeting and Minutes of the April meeting.
  3. Thank-yous:

- Andrea for keeping up with the Styrofoam and keeping up with the welcome bin program

- Diane for tracking down tonnage reports from vendors and preparing the monthly spreadsheets/graphs

- Ron and company for ongoing work with Pine Hill’s composting program

- Swap Shop Volunteers John Jewell, Judy Cook, Chip, and others

- CM&D crews for continued helping with Transfer Station

- Charlie and Wendy for other efforts on behalf of the Committee

- Others?

4.         Committee Membership – Confirm that applications for appointment (Karl), or non-appointment (Chelle) have been submitted to Selectmen.

Brief Status of ongoing items:

  1. Sticker enforcement/availability – Ron was to have obtained stickers and started distribution – progress?
  2. Styrofoam Collection & Hauling / Porcelain hauling – Styrofoam load was picked up last week. Since early May pickup, 15 units (toilets and sinks) have been deposited at the Recycling Center. Hardware us still being removed pending further information regarding a town container for storing unstripped units and Select Board approval of a per-unit increase in price (porcelain fixture price is the same whether Conigliaro picks up or units are dropped off - $15 stripped, or $20 with non-porcelain fittings attached. Once a town-owned container is available, the committee should recommend to the Board a fee increase to $20 per unit for unstripped units). 
  3. HHW Day –Nov. 17, 2018 HHW/paper shredding day.  We have blank forms for use in allowing Sherborn residents to drop off at Norfolk and Franklin (who both have weekly drop-offs) and a general form to use for other towns in the consortium, all for a fee. For Sherborn, we have already reserved for 2019 on September 29 with Clean Harbors, but still need to check about paper shredding – probably not a problem.
  4. Plastic bags for Styrofoam have been purchased and are now in use as approved - $115.38
  5. Compostable bags for food waste composting have been purchased as approved and are available - $189.50 for 2000. Someone took an entire box over the weekend – need to monitor and meter distribution better?
  6. Twenty 5-gallon buckets with covers have been purchased as approved for food waste program for a total cost of $194.83; lids still need to be drilled and assembled – Charlie will do this soon.

Action Item:

  1. We need to determine a book vendor to utilize and get them started soon. Wendy has investigated options and will present recommendations.

Ongoing work projects for Committee members:

  1. General outreach to town – Discussion of progress and ideas the Committee discussed the state of Next Door Sherborn and publicity in weeklies.
  2. Transfer Station Rules and Regulations – Committee will begin reviewing the last draft following the business meeting.
  3. Commingled and Paper recycling contracts – expired and on hold (under current contract agreements) while the recycling market instability continues. 
  4. Grants – RDP and SMRP Grant applications have been submitted as of June 7. Awards expected in September – we expect to receive $3500 RDP plus $600 SMRP grants.

Information items:

  1. Transfer Station Items
    1. Deposit container status – the backlog of recycled containers has been resolved, at least for now, by Glenn Kantorksi and the Lions Club.
    2. Our tire recycler has sold out to another company; as discussed a last month’s meeting the Central Mass Mosquito Control Project has a program to pick up tires from municipalities – up to 10 tires a month is the nominal number; they also delivered to Routhier (our former tire contractor, now out of business). We need to call CMMCP to find out the details, and a “town official “ -  probably Sean Killeen - would; need to request the service).
  2. Food Waste – Amy’s draft designs have been distributed to the group. Please offer any suggestions for enhancement or improvement. Plan is for one sign for Recycling Center and two sandwich signs for Farm Pond – need to finalize and get these ordered – we are up against end of Fiscal Year now – billing may be on FY 19 budget.
  3. Signage – Any information regarding larger signs/banner for HHW day?
  4. Button Battery Program – Both Wendy and Charlie have attempted to contact COA regarding this program,  COA apparently has button boxes and posters, but we need to find out who their point person is to be sure communication lines are open, since they need to turn in the batteries through our collection point at the Recycling Center.
  5. Southeast Municipal Recycling Council meeting will be held from 9-12 on June 20, 2018 at E. L. Harvey Recycling Facility in Westborough, with a facility tour and roundtable discussion of RDP grant included. RSVP Kathi Mirza by June 15.


CALENDAR 2nd Thursday of month at 6:30 PM at Town Hall EXCEPT WHERE NOTED 2018: Jul 12, Aug 9, Sep 14, Oct. 11, Nov 8, Dec. 14