Downloadable Forms

Form A: This form is for submitting plans that do not require approval under the Subdivision Control Law. Generally referred to as ANR plans, 81-P plans or Form A plans.

Special Permit Form: This form is for submitting any kind of special permit, including the following:

3.2.29 Accessory storage/parking cars

 4.3.9 Common Driveway

4.4 Street Frontage

4.5 Open Space Subdivision

4.6 Planned Unit Development

5.3.1 Site Plan 

5.6 Residence M Multidwelling

5.7 Residence EA Multidwelling

5.8 Wireless Communications Facility


Subdivison Forms:

Section 5.8.4: Determination for Wireless Communications Facilities

Scenic Road Act Application: This form is needed for removing a tree or altering a stone wall along any of the designated Scenic Roads of Sherborn.