Public Safety Committee

Meeting Notice
Event Date: 
Tuesday, October 26, 2021 - 4:00pm

     Meeting agenda received and posted on 10/13/2021@12:51pm

  Fire Station Training Room

  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Review discussion from the April Meeting (Chairman Mark Roche)
  3. Introduce new Police Chief (Chief Thomas Galvan)
  4. Update on the recent Grant of $56,952.38 for Fire Department Extracation Equipment (Chief Zac Ward)
  5. Discussion on the success or issues on the new Pine Hill Access Rd (Barbara Brown)
  6. Update on the RxR Crossing Gates for the Main St Crossing (Sean Killeen)
  7. Request for vegatation management along the rail line through the Town (Chief Ward)
  8. Communication equipment future upgrade (Neil McPherson)
  9. Topics not anticipated within 48-hours of the Meeting (All members)
  10. Schedule next PSC Meeting (Chairman Roche)
  11. Adjournment