Sherborn Recycling Committee Meeting - Virtual

Event Date: 
Thursday, December 1, 2022 - 6:30pm

Virtual Meeting and Agenda Posted 11/17/2022 @ 9:25 AM


Draft Meeting agenda for the 377th Meeting of the Committee

Thursday, December 1, 2022, 6:30 PM.

Zoom Meeting ID:  723 0960 4689

1. Meeting call to order, introductions as needed. Volunteer for minutes.

2. Establishment of quorum, approval of agenda for the current meeting and Minutes of October 15, 2022 meeting

3. Special thanks to:

- Anne for working to schedule next year’s the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)Day

- Diane and David for their diligence with HHW check-ins

- David for drafting the October meeting minutes

- Emily for Climate Resilience participation and work on the committee web page on

- Diane for tracking down tonnage reports from vendors and preparing the monthly spreadsheets/graphs

- Andrea for keeping up with new resident food waste mailings

- John Jewell and Judy Cook for successful Swap Shop closing

‐ Ron and company for work with recycling and food waste at Transfer Station

‐ DPW crews for continued help at the Transfer Station (scrap metal compaction, grounds maintenance, etc.)

Action Items:

4. Budget Items:   

a. 18-gal recycle “set-out” containers delivered – $1145 from state grant account

b. HHW day bill had already been paid from Transfer Station Recycling account; need to check with Town accountant to find out if the $1800 setup charge can be made instead to the DEP grant account.

c. Per recent budget guidance from Sherborn Advisory Committee, we will level-fund our budget for FY 2024; discussion regarding recycling line item spread.

Discussion/Update Items:

  1. Household Hazardous Waste Day/Paper Shredding 2023 – Have we managed to corner a date with ACV Enviro?
    1.  Charles River Consortium seems disorganized – former custodian from Medfield has retired, unsure of succession.
  2. Climate Resilience Work Group – Any updates – Emily; C Tyler interviewed, furnished historical recycling/trash info  
  3.  Public Outreach
  1. Ideas for PSA press releases in Hometown Weekly – something with a holiday theme? Waste Bans?
  2. Time for an updated Recycling guide card – including mattresses & textiles - aim for spring?
  1. Waste Ban start fairly smooth at Transfer Station - no great impact. Usual grumbling and skepticism, but Ruane and Father staff are supportive. 
  2. Website improvements/maintenance – Report from Emily on progress and impressions to date.  Discuss ideas for improvement, ways to help Emily with the task.
  3. Recyclables tracking – in sync? Textile bin regular, books are caught up;
  4. Inquiry about Christmas Tree recycling from Medfield Boy Scouts no further news – any further news/discussion?
  5. Food waste
  1. Black Earth – now at $13.50 per container, pickups reliable and accurate; time to renew contract. Reported “contamination” surcharge was waived due to minor nature of material. Participation is steady.
  2.    Food Waste program signs; Time to store the one at Farm Pond – should we store them at Transfer Station? (Amy)  
  1. Scrap metal (light iron) market, last fall up to $200/gross ton (2240 lb.), still holding at $100/GT return to the town.
  2. Swap Shop – J. Jewell has resigned by oral report.  Discussion about future operation.
  3. New member solicitation/recruitment - We can still add more associate members to our roster. Please invite interested parties to attend our meetings.
  4. Other committee business, suggestions, ideas.  Can/should we do better?
  5. Next meeting - need one in December? Tentatively plan for Thurs January 12? For 2023 – 2nd/3rd Thursdays still good for all? Committee discussion / suggestions/decision.
  6. Adjourn

CALENDAR: 2nd or 3rd Thursday of month at 6:30 PM by Zoom until March2023 –Tentative meeting dates in 2023: Jan 12, Feb 16, Mar 16, Apr 13, May18, Jun15, Jul 13, Aug 17?, Sep 14, Oct 13, Nov 16, Dec 14?– subject to change depending on board conflicts and other circumstances