Sherborn Recycling Committtee Meeting

Event Date: 
Thursday, March 16, 2023 - 6:30pm

Meeting agenda received and posted on 3/13/2023@12:10pm


Meeting agenda for the 380th Meeting of the Committee

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM.

Microsoft Teams Meeting - Link below:

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1. Meeting call to order, introductions as needed. Volunteer for minutes.

2. Establishment of quorum, approval of agenda for the current meeting and Minutes //of February 16, 2023 meeting

3. Special thanks to:

- Anne MacDonough and Bob Spence for helping with Girl Scouts tour on Sun, March 4, 3:30 pm.

- Anne for scheduling this year’s the Paper Shredding Event / Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)Day

- David for drafting the February 2023 meeting minutes

- Emily for Climate Resilience participation and work on the committee web page on

- Diane for this month’s teams meeting link

- Diane for tracking down tonnage reports from vendors and preparing the monthly spreadsheets/graphs//

- Andrea for securing new printed matter and mailing needs for new resident food waste mailings

‐ Ron and company for work with recycling and food waste at Transfer Station

‐ DPW crews for continued help at the Transfer Station (scrap metal compaction, grounds maintenance, etc.)

  • Other

Action Items:

4. Budget Items:   

a. Andrea has accomplished New Resident flyer printing and purchased envelopes and stamps from the DEP grant fund.

b. Plan to buy tools for recycling efforts using $45.63 in “SBA Recycling Grant“

  1. Household Hazardous Waste Day/Paper Shredding 2023 –Trident Environmental Group has booked us for November 11 (Veterans Day); They have sent an estimate to sign, but no contract.
    1. Chares River HHW Consortium – Megan from Medfield is administering, and we have a sheet with 7 HHW days in consortium communities.

Discussion/Update Items:

  1. Code of Ethics state training requirement - every two years; we all need to take it.
  2. Expiring 3-year terms - Anne MacDonough, Bob Spence, and Amy VanLangen - need to fill out applications for reappointment (or to decline reappointment). Considered vacancies, and will be advertised as openings…
  3. Food Waste
    1. Response sent to Ms. Gilman of Vanguard Renewables (an organic waste handling contractor); thanked them for their estimate and offer of services, but they do not fit our needs and budget at this time but will keep them in mind for future consideration.
    2. Black Earth – now at $13.50 per container, pickups reliable and accurate; time to renew contract (expiring 6/30/23). Participation is steady.
  4. RDP - DEP Survey and Buy Recycled Policy and CY 2022 RDP spending report forms completed and submitted on 2/9 in advance of 2/15 deadline. Next task will be to apply for a 2023 grant, based on updated criteria.
  5. Transfer Station Sign renewal – We need a subcommittee to look at signs and help determine best approach.
  6. Climate Resilience Work Group – Any updates – Emily; C Tyler interviewed, furnished historical recycling/trash info  
    1. Also- any interface with Upper Charles Climate Action?  Amy is monitoring outreach.
  7. Public Outreach -Time for an updated Recycling guide card – including mattresses & textiles - aim for spring? Volunteer to review?
  8. Recyclables tracking – in sync? Textile bin regular, books are caught up;
  9. Scrap metal (priced as light iron) market, last fall up to $200/gross ton (2240 lb.), lately returning $90/GT, up from a recent low of $80/GT.
  10. Swap Shop – Continued discussion about future operation. Main barn scheduled to open on 4/1/23.
  11. Next meeting - Tentatively plan for Thurs April 13. Committee discussion /suggestions/decision on dates. Not sure how long Zoom waiver will be allowed for Open Meetings…
  12. Adjourn

CALENDAR: 2nd or 3rd Thursday of month at 6:30 PM by Zoom until March 2023 –Tentative meeting dates in 2023: Mar 16, Apr 13, May18, Jun15, Jul 13, Aug 17?, Sep 14, Oct 13, Nov 16, Dec 14?– subject to change depending on board conflicts and other circumstances