Food Waste Collection Program

Drop off your food waste at the Transfer Station! 

The Sherborn Recycling Committee encourages all households to participate in the collection of compostable food waste at the Sherborn Transfer Station. In 2016 the town of Sherborn diverted 36 tons of food waste from our trash stream. Households that compost generate, on average, 30% less trash each week, resulting in lower costs for hauling trash, in addition to the positive environmental impacts of composting.

At the Transfer Station Sherborn residents can pick up a free kitchen food waste pail, complimentary biodegradable food waste bags, and 5-gallon bucket to collect a week's worth of food waste. When the pail or bucket is full, bring the food waste to the Transfer Station and empty it into the large, wheeled, green food waste bins across from the paper and commingled recyclables containers.

The Sherborn food waste program at the Transfer Station accepts a wide range of food waste, including meat, bones, dairy products, and biodegradable bags. For a full list of items to include and keep out of the food waste you bring to the Transfer Station and to learn more about the program, download the information sheet.

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