Food Waste Collection Program

Drop off your food waste at the Transfer Station! 

The Sherborn Recycling Committee encourages all households to participate collection of compostable food waste at the Sherborn Transfer Station. For years, the Committee has been emphasizing the importance of reducing the food waste in residential trash.  Food waste is heavy and contributes unnecessarily to Sherborn’s weight-based trash disposal costs.  Also, food that is composted, rather than being thrown into the trash, is transformed into "black gold," organic fertilizer that can feed gardens and lawns without synthetic chemicals. Some forward-thinking residents have already been separating their food waste and using a backyard composter to turn those “spoils to soil,” but many more just toss their valuable food remnants into the trash. The food collection program is designed to help those who do not use a backyard composter to recycle their organic scraps, and since the new program accepts meat, bones, and dairy (which are more difficult to compost in a backyard bin) as well as the usual fruit and vegetable scraps, it is hoped that every conscientious resident will want to participate. 

Food scrap collection is simply another step in conscientious recycling. Just as residents now separate cans, bottles, and paper recyclables that can be reused or remanufactured, now they will be able also to separate their food scraps from their trash so that the organic waste can be responsibly recycled into organic fertilizer and advantageously returned to the earth. 

The Recycling Committee will give to program participants (as long as our supply lasts) scrap buckets for collecting food waste at their sinks and food prep areas, and 5 gallon buckets with screw on lids to gracefully collect up to a week's worth of food scraps. Once our bucket suppy runs out, we recommend residents find an pot with a  fitting lid to collect the scraps at food prep (as they are created) and any 5 gallon bucket with a failry tight fitting lid to collect a week's worth. Our clearly stated,simple rules for separation will need to be strictly followed so that non-biodegradable materials (packaging plastics and foils, for example) do not get mixed with the food. When residents bring their food waste to the Transfer Station they will find special, wheeled GREEN carts placed near the disposal area where they can deposit their scraps. The cart covers will be firmly secured at night to keep animals out, and to control the malodorous effects of decomposition, the carts will be emptied on a regular schedule; more often in the warm weather than in winter.  

For the simple instructions on what to collect and what not to collect, click here. For more detailed dropoff information, ask transfer Station attendants or call or email a Recycling committee contact at addresses listed elsewhere on this site.

The effects of this program could be huge. It is estimated that a family of 4 could divert 20 pounds or more of food per week, meaning that one hundred families over the course of a year could divert a whopping 52 tons away from the trash stream and back to the good earth. If the entire Sherborn community (1500+ households) were to participate, it is conceivable that the Town's expensively hauled trash weight could be reduced by 55%.

Every environmentally conscientious household in Sherborn should be eager to step forward and embrace this opportunity to reduce wastage and the costs of trash disposal. For answers to any questions or concerns, or to offer constructive suggestions, please contact Co-chairs Wendy or Charlie - or leave a message at (508) 653-3457.  

And THANK YOU for your help and support for this exciting program!

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