Great Links

Have we gotten your attention?

Once you begin to learn how important recycling is to the health of our community and our world, you will want to know more. 

Here are some great links to explore:


Beyond the BinBEYOND THE BIN   -  A great way to find out repsonsible alternatives for reusing, recycling, or otherwise dealing with waste material to try to keep it out of trash bins and landfills.


Here is a link Recyclearrows(click on image) shared with us by a young environmentalist named
Morgan, who wanted to share with others what she thought was a good source for information
on making one's home more green.      Thanks, Morgan!

LandfillHow long does it take for something to decompose in a landfill? - a Life Cycle of trash and other facts and ideas compiled by Denise Perrrault from a New York City cleaning firm - this site continas a number of interesting links to very useful informatino about the practical side of our trash habits.


healthy legacy Healthy Legacy is a diverse public health coalition with thirty member groups that promotes healthy lives by supporting the production and use of everyday products without toxic chemicals. Healthy Legacy advocates for consumer education, business leadership and protective policies to advance safe alternatives. For a guide to safer products marketed for children click here.

earth 911Earth911: This is a comprehensive website containing information on recycling and product stewardship that empowers consumers to act locally, live responsibly and contribute to sustainability. Earth 911 centralizes information and resources into a single user-friendly network. World Environmental Organization (World.Org) is devoted to the preservation of the natural diversity of plant and animal species, and their habitats, with links to the 1000 top environmental sites. World.Org develops and implements scientific strategies for decreasing fossil fuel use, preventing climate change, and preserving plant and animal species and their habitats and more. Visit this site at a portal to a world of environmental topics:

MA DEP MassDEP's mission is to protect and enhance the Commonwealth's natural resources - air, water, and land - and to provide for the health and safety of its citizens. As part of that mission, the agency publishes informationo and news for use by the public. Click here for the latest information, resources, and contact information from the DEP regarding environmental issues.

stop sign Massachusetts’ Waste Bans Find out what Waste Bans are. See this link to find out what materials are banned and must be kept out of the waste stream. To get a better handle on the laws, click here for sumrnary information, forms, etc.; or for the (sometimes complex) detailed text of statutes, click here.    

MassRecycle MassRecycle is a statewide coalition of individuals, governments, businesses, institutions and non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting and realizing the vital environmental, social and economic benefits created by reducing, reusing, and recycling waste materials, and by increasing the utilization of recycled products.

lightbulbGreener Choices is a website where Consumer Reports tests and reviews products with a "greener" sensibility. A "green ratings" section ranks a product’s energy, water and fuel efficiency performance and other factors. Additionally, this site has hundreds of resources for products for a greener planet.

sierra club The Sierra Club, inspired by nature, works toward protecting our communities and the planet. The club is America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. The Sierra Club's investigations of environmental issues range from urban sprawl to wild lands protection, clean air and water, to global warming, human rights to responsible free.

GreenTalkLogoGreen Talk is a website that brings a lot of Green information together. It is a blog designed for those who just can't get enough of all things GREEN. This website seeks to grow the green economy in all facets of living, from construction to gardening to recipes to cosmetics to reuse and recycling - there are some sponsor ads, but the site is loaded with green information and ideas about environmentally conscientious products and lifestyles. 

couchFurniture Consignment Gallery Online: For valuable furniture too good to give to the Swap Shop or to charity, try the Furniture Consignment Gallery in Hanover. If you send them a picture of your item, and they deem it of the quality they handle, they can pick up your furniture and take care of all the details of finding a buyer. Obviously a good place to look for quality used furniture too! 

energy guideEnergy Guide offers unbiased advice about today's energy choices. Find ways to save, lower your bills and help the earth's environment. You can also analyze your home's energy use, with recommendations for saving energy and money. 

free cycle The Freecycle Network is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer. Membership is free. To sign up, find your community by entering it into the search box above or by clicking on “Browse Groups” above the search box. Have fun! (Editor's note: Sherborn does not yet have its own Freecycle group. You can start one, or join the Natick or Framingham groups.)

green is a shopping marketplace that  helps the conscientious consumer navigate through an increasingly complex green marketplace, by taking the guesswork out of deciding what to buy. The experts at Green Home have done the research for you. All products sold on the GreenHome website are non-toxic and guaranteed to be safe for your children, home, and environment. 

Less stuff - more fun- this site focuses on fostering sustainable habits and changig our lifestyleds to be more responsible and reasonable withregrd to conservation and utilizatino of resources. If ideas like kicking the wasteful bottled water habit, making healkthy choices for your family, community reuse and sharing, and having more fun with less adverse inpact on the earth (while reducing the size of your environmental footprint) appeal to you, check out the ideas on New Dream.


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