The Recycling Committee’s Mission is to provide the Town Of Sherborn with convenient and cost effective waste reduction, reuse, and recycling programs; to encourage citizens to participate in these programs; and to promote environmental sustainability and preservation.

It's not a Mission Impossible!

We hope to help residents understand the benefits of recycling so that the Town can achieve the most recycling rewards at the least possible cost. Additionally, the Recycling Committee works to see that the operation of the Recycling Center/Transfer Station maximizes its ability to handle increasing amounts and types of recyclable materials, as Sherborn residents increase their recycling efforts. Disposal of properly-sorted recyclables costs the Town much less than trash, and often the cost is zero dollars. Paper, scrap metal, cell phones, waste oil, books, and clothing actually produce some revenue for the Town. As of July 2012, disposal of trash at the Millbury incinerator costs $74.01 per ton plus the cost of hauling, which is about $20 per ton. The Committee works to divert as much as possible from the trash stream in order to avoid these costs and find better uses for those diverted materials. Every month, the Committee tracks the tonnages of all the material that leaves the Transfer Station in order to measure the success of our diversion. Members of our Committee work with vendors for materials such as scrap metal, books, textiles, paper, waste oil, paper, commingled containers, refrigerators, TV’s, monitors, tires, fluorescent tubes and bulbs, cell phones, batteries, propane tanks, and other materials in order to find the best price for them or the least cost for disposal.

We can do this together!

The Sherborn Recycling Committee publicizes the recycling rules by means of town-wide mailings, hand-outs at Town Hall, conversations at the Recycling Center, and through this website in order to educate Sherborn residents about  the rules and the benefits of recycling. Committee members work at the Transfer Station with the staff there to see that recycling rules are followed by those who come to the drop-off. Sherborn residents are encouraged to ask about the rules when they visit the Transfer Station, or they are welcome to contact a member of the Recycling Committee. Click here to find a neighbor who can answer your recycling question. If there is ever a question about the rules, residents can always feel free to call a member of the Recycling Committee for clarification.

This is a "Win-Win" for all of us!

The Sherborn Recycling Committee’s reason for enforcing the recycling  rules is not only to save the Town of Sherborn as much money as possible in disposal costs – or to earn as much revenue as possible – but also to preserve the Earth’s resources for all of us. Our interest in saving natural resources has led us to much information on energy conservation and the use of renewable resources which we will share on this website. We believe it is vital to conserve all the scarce resources on this beautiful planet. If we don’t seek alternative sources of energy, if we keep polluting our air, if we don’t conserve our water, if we destroy our wetlands or pollute our waterways, what will be left for future generations? Our hope for the future of humanity lies in our respect for Earth’s bounty and concern for all people. Let us start with recycling -- but let us come to recognize that all our resources are finite, and our job is to figure out how to make them last.  

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