Paper 101

Paper Most Wanted: Did you know that your paper is wanted for recycling?

Known Aliases: "Mixed Paper" - The following is a dsescription of acceptable mixed paper; however, due to impending (2018) changes in China's waste paper inporting rules, and resulting market changes, thes guidlines may be changing soon - stay tuned!

Material may be loose, bundled and/or placed in "Kraft", brown or white, paper bags. Please, no plastic bags!

  • All newspapers and advertisement inserts
  • Telephone books, paperback books, junk mail (including envelopes and coupons)
  • Magazines containing glossy coated paper, catalogs
  • Glossy flyers and mailers - staples/tape with water soluble glues do not have to be removed
  • All sizes loose, bundled or bagged "Kraft" paper grocery bags
  • All dry, loose or bagged white and colored ledgers
  • Copy paper, note pads, loose-leaf fillers, computer print-outs
  • Single wall, non-corrugated boxes used to package dry food
  • Cereal boxes, shoe boxes and other similar packaging
  • Paper egg cartons, construction paper
  • Double & triple wall cardboard boxes with liners of "Kraft", jute or test liners - flattened, cut down or folded to size no more than 3 feet by 3 feet.

Wanted For: Recycling; to be used as feedstock to make new paper and paperboard. Be advised, this paper may contain staples, paper clips or spirals from notebooks. Make no attempts to remove these items. Paper Mills are trained in the proper removal techniques.

Last Seen: In your trash barrel. Please be advised that these items are highly valuable and should be placed in your recycling bin immediately.

Revenue Potential: Paper earns revenue for the Town of Sherborn; therefore, apart from all the environmental benefits of reusing paper instead of virgin material to make new paper, residents should be interested in diverting as much paper as possible into the recycling stream so that every last dollar comes back to the Town coffers.

Unacceptable materials for mixed residential paper recycling

  • "Kraft" (yellow) envelopes and padded envelopes
  • Overnight delivery packaging
  • Paper towels, tissue, and wipes
  • Carbon paper
  • Photographs
  • X-rays & MRI's
  • Plastic transparencies & overheads
  • Styrofoam and polystyrene packing
  • Bubble wrap & plastic liners
  • Paper clips, binders, tack, pens, pencils, etc.

Here's how you can help:

Email your question to or Leave your Voice Mail question and a return number at (508) 653-3457.