Swap Shop

The Swap Shop is now CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. As April 1 is Easter Sunday and the Recycling Cener/Transfer Station gates will be closed, the PROJECTED OPENING DATE IS Wednesday, APRIL 4, 2018. PLEASE TRY TO DONATE YOUR USEABLE ITEMS TO THE NEEDY THROUGH THE CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE.

In season, the Swap Shop is open Wednesday through Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm (closing 1/2-hour before the Transfer Station closes) until approximately Halloween, when we close the main shop for the winter.            

For ease of remembering, the Swap Shop season runs roughly from April Fool's Day until Halloween.

Swap Shop

The Sherborn Swap Shop is located at the Hap Ruane Recycling Center/Sherborn Transfer Station. From early April until late October (roughly, April Fool's Day to Halloween) The Swap Shop opens at 9 AM and closes at 3 PM (closing 1/2-hour before the Transfer Station closes). Visiting the Swap Shop is like going to a garage sale where everything is free!  Created by the Recycling Committee, the Swap Shop is Sherborn's center for REUSE recycling. By reuse recycling, Swap Shoppers help reduce Sherborn's trash tonnage, resulting in savings on town disposal costs.

The original wooden Swap Shop was built in 2004 by student volunteers from Tri-County Vocational High School. In July of 2010 we expanded into the barn across the driveway because our inventory of useable items too good to trash was so large that we couldn't accommodate it all. With our larger space, all our wares can be displayed well and everything is safely under cover so it can remain in good condition. Local volunteers help to keep it organized, and we especially love it when visitors take the time to put their offerings in the appropriate places instead of dropping them in front. We can always use more help, so anyone who wants to do so is welcome! Our volunteers often wear aprons with our "Recycle and Save" logo on them or badges so you can identify them for help. Don't be bashful about putting an apron on and helping by straightening shelves or sweeping the floor, and then please remember to leave the apron for the next volunteer.   

don't trash our future

The Swap Shop is a great place to shop for baby equipment and children, or sports equipment for that growing athlete. Residents have furnished second homes and college students have outfitted their dorm rooms with Swap Shop treasures.  Whether you like vintage, antique or brand new, you’re sure to find something that you can use—and when you are finished using it, you can just return it to the Swap Shop.

swap shop sign

When you’re cleaning the closet or the garage, please think about whether your cast-offs are nice enough for someone else's home. Items brought to the Swap Shop must be in workable condition, clean and useable. Items that are moldy, damaged beyond repair or clearly no longer useable should go to the dumpster instead. When you are bringing items to the Swap Shop, please be considerate both of our volunteers who staff the shop and of our shoppers. We beg you: Please don't bring a bunch of junk or other filthy items and leave it at the front for our volunteers to sort through! Shelves of the Swap Shop are marked for sporting equipment, household items, children’s toys, etc. so you can find the appropriate placement for your things. Our staffers can help you find the right places but they shouldn't be expected to clean and sort everything for you. Please clean your items before you bring them and then take the time to put them in the designated areas. If toys and games have several parts or pieces, please put them together with elastics or even bag them in a zip-type bag so they don't become separated and useless. And if it isn't nice enough to give to your best friend, then it probably shouldn't be left at the Swap Shop.

stuffed giraffe toy

Outdoor play toys that are waterproof should be left in the shipping container to the left of the Sporting Goods building as you face its door on the Natick side of the driveway. Nothing should be left in front of either building (except perhaps for weatherproof lawn and garden items).  If you have books or clothing to donate, you should place them into the slots in the appropriate donation bins to the right of the Sporting Goods building on the Natick side of the driveway. If you have very large items to donate, please call the charity of your choice for a pickup. Swap Shop items are not charity donations, so you will not be able to take a tax deduction or items left there.

Periodically, when the Swap Shop inventory gets too large, Recycling Committee volunteers load up their cars with the best of the lot to spread around to charities. Whatever isn't acceptable at the charities eventually has to go into the trash.

The Swap Shop closes around November 1 for the Winter months, and opens up in the Spring, usually the first week of April.

If you would like to volunteer at the Swap Shop (to have some fun and and maybe get the first crack at some of these treasures!) or if you have any questions, please call Andrea Brennan at 508-647-1510