What We Do

The Work of Sherborn's Recycling Committee

What We Do

The Recycling Committee is very involved on several fronts in making people aware of the importance of recycling and helping the Town of Sherborn achieve the most recycling rewards at the least possible cost.     

construction worker 

In the spring of 2004 the Committee undertook a major project to create a more user friendly Recycling Center dedicated in memory of Hap Ruane at the Transfer Station on Route 27 (North Main Street) just south of the Natick town line. The progression of drop-off areas was realigned, new signs were installed, and a Swap Shop was constructed using free labor from the Tri-County Vocational School. In 2010 the Swap Shop was so jammed with items, it was too difficult for shoppers to sort through to find anything, and the Committee was able to move most of the Swap Shop across the driveway into the big yellow "barn" where we can keep everything under cover and fairly well organized.

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The Sherborn Swap Shop has been our pride and joy. Residents love to browse, seniors love to get things for their visiting grandchildren, Swap Shop volunteers love to get their hands on the "best stuff," and people love to have a place to get rid of belongings that are too nice to throw away but are no longer wanted. Best of all, we are keeping things out of the trash compactor -- and therefore unnecessary expense out of the Transfer Station budget -- by encouraging reuse of useful goods. 

We communicate with the residents of Sherborn by means of townwide mailings and also by NextDoor Sherborn. If you would like to access our Recycling information, please click  on Sherborn Recycling Committee and joing the group.

Woman with Recycling Bin

We continue with our “Welcome Bin” program where we provide a free 18-gallon recycling bin to new residents along with information about our recycling program. We also sell these same bins to veteran residents for $10.00. If you want one, please buy one from an attendant at the Transfer Station/Hap Ruane Recycling Center.    

Compost Bin

Also we sell compost bins and distribute information on composting which diverts food waste from the trash stream and turns it into rich garden soil. To buy a compost bin, please ask an attendant at the Transfer Station/Hap Ruane Recycling Center. For detailed information about composting, please call Charles Tyler at 508-653-3457 or Wendy Mechaber at (508) 653-5421. We helped to initiate the composting program at Pine Hill School which now continues under the auspices of CSA, and we hope the students are learning the valuable lesson that food is a resource that should not be wasted even when it is left over after a meal.

Recycle Bin

The Recycling Committee also encourages local business  recycling. We have provided free recycling wastebaskets for the collection of paper in offices. We would like to work more with businesses to help them brainstorm how to reduce waste. The committee offers 90-gallon wheeled "toters" to encourage businesses to collect and "tote" their co-mingled recyclables out to their dumpsters.

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The Committee works with groups that have large events in Town to show them how to recycle. New well-marked barrels for the collection of bottles and cans areloaned to Sherborn's organizations to assist with collecting recyclables easily. We also have lightweight clear barrels for residents to borrow for large private functions so they can collect recyclables. They are available for sign out at the Recycling Center, or you might be lucky enough to arrange for a drop off if you call in advance: 508-653-3457 or during Transfer Station/Recycling Center business hours at (774) 286-0553

The Committee is making an effort  to achieve suitable recycling at the public places in Town. Several years ago the Committee purchased permanent recycling containers to be placed next to all trash barrels at the hiking trails, athletic fields, and the playground in order to keep recyclables separate from trash at those locations. Trash and recyclables continue to be mixed, however, so new solutions continue to be discussed.  

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The Recycling Committee also plans and staffs Sherborn's annual Household Hazardous Waste Day. Household Hazardous Waste Day occurs in September. If you cannot wait until September to get rid of your hazardous waste, call Recycling Co-Chairs Charles Tyler at 508-653-3457 or Wendy Mechaber at (508) 653-5421 and they will make arrangements for you to go to a collection in another town.  

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WE NEED YOUR HELP! Would you like to join the Recycling Committee? We would love to have more Sherborn neighbors join us, either as official members or as loyal supporters who will help us with various projects. Please call Recycling Co-Chairs Charles Tyler at 508-653-3457 or Wendy Mechaber at (508) 653-5421 if you would like to be a part of our ongoing activities to make Sherborn a better place to live.