Recycling Committee

Changing the World One Community at a Time

We Hope To:

  • Reduce tonnage by diverting recyclable materials. 
  • Inform Sherborn residents about the recycling rules in Sherborn and at the Recycling Center. 
  • Save taxes by reducing the amount of trash that Sherborn sends to the incinerator and prevent the possibility that any loads are returned because they contain banned or recyclable materials. 
  • Increase our recycling rate to approach 50%. To accomplish this we will have to remove food waste for composting and recycle even more.
  • Have a Recycling Center/Transfer Station that we're proud to claim. 
  • Help to make the  Recycling Center/Transfer Station more user-friendly. 
  • Find markets for recycled materials and bring revenue to the Town. 
  • Encourage conservation of resources. 
  • Educate our community---especially our children--on ways to reduce trash. 
  • Keep up on the latest developments in recycling. 
  • Help Sherborn meet the goals set by the State.  

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As a committee, we believe that by working together we who reside in Sherborn, can make recycling work to improve our community both now and for the future. We invite and welcome your comments and suggestions for recycling. We hope you find this website useful. It's chock full of ways to make recycling easy and fun!  

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Charles Tyler Co-Chair (508) 653-3457
Wendy Mechaber Co-Chair (508) 653-5421