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In an effort to make information about Town Meeting more accessible to the public, we have created this new space to put relevant documents at your fingertips.

I am very excited to announce that we will use our electronic Poll Pads to check in voters for the 2017 Annual Town Meeting.  

If you Early Voted last fall, you saw this new technology in action.  (Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin told me last week that he expects to have draft regulations this spring to allow Poll Pads for check-in at state and local elections too.)

The rest of the big news is that you may use your Mass driver’s license to check in!  This is not an ID requirement but rather a way to accelerate the check-in process.  Simply have your license ready to hold up in front of a Poll Pad.  

If you choose, you may still check in by stating your name and address.  Either way, checking in to Town Meeting will be faster and easier this year!  One more success in our never ending quest to bring better services to Sherborn residents.

Carole B. Marple, CMMC, Sherborn Town Clerk