Preparing for your Fire Inspection

Prior to the arrival of the Fire Department Inspector:

  • Make sure that your posted street number is visible from the street (MGL c.148 59)
  • Make sure that you have the proper type of alarms 
  • The inspector may require that they be taken down for compliance verification
  • Make sure that all alarms are installed in the proper locations.
  • Make sure that all alarms are working properly.
  • After passing the inspection, the fire department will issue your 26f Certificate of Compliance.
  • Make sure all alarms have not expired/ (10 years for smoke alarms - 7 years for CO detectors)
  • If you have a low voltage monitored system, please make sure the system is in test mode prior to the inspection.  Someone with working knowledge of keypad must be present with the code during the inspection.
  1. Kristin Buckler

    Lieutenant / Fire Inspector