Transfer Station Fees

Fee slip will be issued at time of drop-off; fees should be remitted to the Town of Sherborn Collector's office by mail, online, or in person.

Air Conditioner - room-size$25 each
Air Conditioner - large; structure -size$50 each
Box Spring

$20 each piece, regardless of size

Carpet (no pads)No charge - cut or fold to 4-foot length and discard in trash
Computer Monitor (CRT or flat screen)

$10 each

Compost Bin (Purchase)

$45 each


$25 each

Freezer$50 each

$20 each piece regardless of size


No charge - see attendant

Propane Tank

$5 each

Recycling Bin (purchase)

$10 each


$50 each

Small (dormitory-size) Refrigerator$30 each
Tire, (Car)

$3 each

Tire, (Truck)


Toilets/Sinks (porcelain)

$20 per unit

TV (CRT or flat screen)


No Charge For

  • Books - place in book recycling bin
  • Batteries, rechargeable - place in mercury shed; sealed lead-acid batteries may be placed on car battery pallet
  • Batteries, car - place on pallet near mercury shed
  • Batteries, Lithium primary (single use, non-rechargeable) - place in mercury shed
  • Cell Phones - place in mercury shed
  • Computer towers and keyboards (to protect your data, please scrub or remove hard drives) - then place in the large boxes in the Electronics container. As noted previously a recycling charge is required for all monitors, whether CRT or flat screen
  • Fluorescent Tubes or Bulbs - place in designated box in mercury shed; please place broken bulbs aside in separate container for special handling.
  • Laptop or notebook computers (to protect your data, please scrub or remove hard drives) - then place in the large boxes in the Electronics container.
  • Almost all electronic devices (except for those listed in the fee schedule above) can be placed in the Electronics container at no charge - if in doubt, ask the attendant
  • Scrap Metal - place in scrap metal container
  • Textiles - place in white clothing bin trailer near the Transfer Station entrance
  • Waste oil - see Transfer Station attendant for assistance - contamination (antifreeze, gasoline, etc.) issues have forced us to lock the waste oil holding tank in order to ensure appropriate use
  • White Goods (without Freon containing components) - place in or near metal bin (ask Transfer Station attendant for assistance in placing large items)

Note: While at the Transfer Station, please do not leave your car idling. Not only does it unnecessarily foul the air, it costs you money for fuel that is being burned to no benefit. For your own sake, please turn your car off while not driving.

For definitions and procedures for disposing of challenging wastes, please visit our Recycling Glossary.