Swap Shop General Information

Swap Shop


Open:  9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Wednesday to Sunday

The Main Swap Shop is open annually April 1st to October 31st.

Closed: Monday and Tuesday.  Holidays: Sunday, January 1st, (New Year's Day), Sunday, April 9th (Easter), Saturday, November 11th (Veterans Day), Thursday, November 25th (Thanksgiving).

Standing Information

  • Please do not leave items after 3:00 pm, or outside the designated Swap Shop shelters or drop boxes.
  • Please follow any posted signage.
  • Access to the Swap Shop Main Barn may be limited based judgment of our volunteers
  • As requested, please assist our volunteers with placing / displaying Swap Shop items in the Main Barn
  • Please keep the Swap Shop Main Barn, Shelters and drop boxes orderly and accessible. 
  • Only Sherborn Residents are permitted to drop off at the Swap Shop.
  • Do not leave anything that is in such a condition that you yourself would not take it for personal use. 
    • Televisions
    • Computer Monitors
    • Dehumidifiers
    • Air Conditioners
    • Freon-Bearing Appliances
    • Paint
    • Porcelain Sinks or Toilet Fixtures
    • Wet or Moldy Lumber or Wood
    • Pet-stained or damp soft Furniture
    • Items designated by our volunteers to be not appropriate to swap. 
  • DO NOT LEAVE TEXTILES OR BOOKS EXPOSED outside the donation drop boxes.  Bad weather will ruin them.
  • Textile Donations must be BAGGED.
  • If the textile or book donation drop boxes are full, please hold materials until there is space available. 

We rely on volunteer support.  If you are interested in helping by joining our committee or by simply lending a helping hand in the Swap Shop, please email the Recycling Committee.